Our vision

Our vision at Baker Tilly is “to be recognized as the leading firm which contributes most to its clients’ success” by recruiting and retaining the best people, by harnessing the skills and talents of all our people, by learning faster and sharing more. 

However, to meet, indeed exceed our clients’ future expectations, and to seize the tremendous opportunities available to us, we continue to transform our organization. We work with each other, without barriers, creating the best teams to deliver excellent solutions to our clients. We openly share our knowledge, skills and experience and are constantly strive to do things better. 

We are truly client driven, committed to adding real value to each client and then demonstrating that we have done so. We also ensure that we have the career and development opportunities and rewards that make Baker Tilly the most attractive and stimulating place to work. 

Everything we do at Baker Tilly is animated by a strategic vision inside and out. As a member of a distinguished international network of auditing and consulting firms, we offer you the best proven local solutions while drawing on a vast pool of experience from other countries and markets where necessary.