Our vision


As Baker Tilly, our vision is to be recognized as a leading company in the Audit and Consulting services market with a competitive advantage and support to our clients, based on the knowledge and experience of our hired and trained professionals. 


As Baker Tilly, our mission is to exceed each customer's unique expectations by providing audit, tax and consulting services based on the principles of integrity, objectivity and high quality, using global experience of cooperation with Baker Tilly International. 


We are truly client driven, committed to adding real value to each client and then demonstrating that we have done so. We also ensure that we have the career and development opportunities and rewards that make Baker Tilly the most attractive and stimulating place to work. 

Objectivity and Integrity 

Every activity we undertake is guided by an uncompromising ethical standard. Staying true to the facts, evaluating information exhaustively and providing the client with an objective picture, regardless of outside interests, is the guiding principle of our approach to business.

Independence and equity 

The key to a “win-win” relationship with our clients lies first of all in our ability to provide an independent assessment and judgment. Being in the business of selling transparency and independent evaluations, we cannot afford to bend facts and skew opinions. Our reputation would be skewed as a result.

Professional competence and quality 

We perceive professionalism as a multi-floor building. Professional competence and an impeccable knowledge of national and international standards and procedures are just the ground floor. The second floor is occupied by the personal dedication of our team and their ability to take each project with all due thoroughness. Then there is the third floor: flexibility and the individual approach to each client that is, we believe, where real professionalism begins.


Any data received from your company in the process of our cooperation is kept confidential. We neither use it for our own purposes, nor do we disclose it to third parties. This commitment remains affective even after completing our contractual relationship. We appreciate your trust! 

Technical standards 

Baker Tilly Azerbaijan always offers services that comply with national and international legislation and standards. In their daily operations, our auditors and consultants observe a strict set of established procedures, double-checked by a sophisticated system of control to ensure that the results of our cooperation are uncompromised.

Everything we do at Baker Tilly is animated by a strategic vision inside and out. As a member of a distinguished international network of auditing and consulting firms, we offer you the best proven local solutions while drawing on a vast pool of experience from other countries and markets where necessary.