Real estate and construction

The boom in investments in the real estate sector in Azerbaijan - most of it taking place in the capital city of Baku began approximately 10 years ago, with various international companies coming to the country to implement their grand real estate projects. Over time, new developments in the real estate sector paved the way for other infrastructure projects such as construction of new bridges, roads and road expansions to ease traffic congestion.

We work with a wide range of clients across the property and construction sector, including investors, developers, construction firms, estate agents, surveyors and architects to understand and overcome the issues and challenges that they face such as: 

  • Compliance services including external and internal audit 
  • Debt restructuring and related specialist tax advice 
  • Tax planning and compliance – corporate income tax, VAT and etc. 
  • Corporate finance including mergers, acquisitions, disposals and introductions to suitable business partners 
  • Advice on cash management, planning and mitigating tax risks
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