Food and beverage

Azerbaijan is fast-growing country among the best in the region for attracting investment, has traditional global agricultural centre, with a diverse climate enabling a variety of crops to be grown. Due to the amount of manufactured products, and the number of employed people, food industry is in the first place among the industrial fields in Azerbaijan. This is one of the specialized fields of the economy, wine, canning, tobacco, tea, fishing, meat and dairy and mineral waters are the main products of food industry. A complete food and beverage industry covers bakers, restaurants, snacks & sweet manufacturers & individuals working in food industry. 

From producers to consumers we work throughout the supply chain and understand how issues can impact the whole sector. If you are in agriculture, manufacturing and processing, wholesale or distribution or in retail, restaurants then we can support you. 

Through our work with clients across the food and drink supply chain we provide support and advice in:

  • Understanding Azerbaijani agricultural policy and subsidies 
  • Business planning to aid decisions on commodity hedging, the impact on change of supply or customer terms 
  • Working capital management for typically highly seasonal businesses 
  • Advising on internal control improvements for businesses which can be highly cash based and operate from a number of distributed sites
  • Raising external debt or equity funding 
  • Assisting with acquisitions, disposals or public offers Keep abreast of regulation and legislation that affect their businesses 
  • Understand the impact of current and future developments in their markets Ensure compliance with in tax, VAT and audit requirements
  • Achieve optimal management of their financial resources Help address the needs of financial sector partners in the current economic climate 
  • Maximize shareholder value on corporate acquisitions, disposals or flotation’s
  • Roll out internationally through our International Network Baker Tilly International
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