Tarana Gurbanova

Human Resources Director

Tarana Gurbanova - graduated from Azerbaijan Languages University with a bachelor's degree, and later completed her master's degree with distinction. In the years 2018–2019, she continued her education in human resources and was awarded the International Human Resources Management Certificate by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) in the United Kingdom. She has been an Associate Member of the CIPD since 2018.

Starting in 2007, she worked as an HR Manager at "TID Consulting" QSC and was appointed as the Head of the Human Resources and Salary Department at the same institution in 2009. Later, she continued her professional career as an HR Manager at "Baker Tilly Audit Azerbaijan" QSC, and in 2022, she was appointed as the HR Director at the same company. She serves as the Deputy Chair of the Human Resources and Labor Regulation Committee of the Azerbaijan-France Chamber of Commerce and has also provided training on Labor Legislation at the HR Academy organised by the Chamber. She has participated in numerous training programs related to Human Resource Management.

She delivers a series of training courses on Labor Legislation and Personnel Management at the "Baker Tilly Academy" training center and Business Management School, including sessions on Salary Calculation. She actively participated in conducting HR audits for various local and international organizations.

In 2023, she served as a speaker on the "Talent or Experience" panel at the National Human Resources Forum. In the same year, she was a speaker on the "Coaching the New Generation of Management, Loyalty, and Motivation" panel at the "Human Resources and Management" Forum organized by the ASAN Innovation Development Center in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of National Leader Heydar Aliyev. Additionally, in 2023, she moderated a training on "Performance Leadership and Neuro Management" organized jointly by the ASAN Innovation Development Center and the Turkish company "Pozitium Consultancy, Training, and Coaching." She also spoke on the topic of "Stress Management, Employee Psychological State, and Approach to Them." She has been a guest on programs related to labor relations on "Araz" FM and "Ictimai" Radio.