Friday, August 26, 2022

Zahra Mahmudova ADA University student on Ambassador Period at Baker Tilly

How was Baker Tilly experience for you?

It was one of my first experiences in the field of Public Relations and Brand Ambassadorship, so I was a little reserved at first. But soon after meeting with the team I work with now, I felt comfortable sharing my proposals regarding projects and expressing my creative side. Besides undertaking marketing-related responsibilities at a leading company, I also experienced a genuine workplace atmosphere. All in all, I really enjoyed my tenure at Baker Tilly with my beloved team and that is exactly why today is a bittersweet moment for me.

What is your favorite memory during your experience as an ambassador?

It is quite hard to choose a single favorite memory since helping others discover career opportunities at Baker Tilly, I also developed my own professional portfolio. Testing myself in different tasks in a professional setting and through this process, contributing to my fellow students’ career lives was a very fulfilling experience on its own. Moreover, after providing media coverage of many social activities of Baker Tilly and being trusted with the planning of events, I anticipate taking initiative and seeking greater responsibilities. So, each and every day I spent at Baker Tilly is memorable to me.

What do you advise to future ambassadors at Baker Tilly?

Regardless of the company, it is of utmost importance to develop one’s interpersonal competencies with a heavy emphasis on effective listening, communication and networking skills. These skills will be key for a career ambassador to understand and direct accordingly the questions, concerns, and interests of students. It is also imperative to be knowledgeable about not only the structure and functions of the company, but also its values and organizational culture. Apart from these, I would recommend keeping a positive and confident attitude. As ambassadors, our outgoing and friendly personality facilitates our work as points of communication.. Lastly, it is understandable to experience a bit of nervousness when we start a new position. However, be certain that, at Baker Tilly, all members of our family are so approachable and sociable that you will warm up to the team immediately, just like I did!

With this, I would also like to express my honor and gratitude to have worked under the supervision and mentorship of Mrs. Gunel Abbasova. I sincerely thank her for her encouragement and support throughout this term! with Zahra Mahmudova