Financial advisory

A Consultant of Baker Tilly Azerbaijan never gives advice. He/she transfers knowledge and does everything possible to keep the mutual competence, which we have gained as an integral part of your organization for years to come. We believe that the work of just one person equipped with the necessary knowledge is worth more than the efforts of many without it. All you need is to understand what knowledge is essential to your company at this very moment. 

Our advisory professionals concentrate the majority of their consulting, learning, and development time on a specific area. This approach ensures you of a business advisor who is familiar with the latest concepts, tools, and techniques that apply to your situation. Our team also specializes in getting to know your needs. We collaborate with your internal team to match the requirements of your organization or project with the skills of our consultants. 

You have sensed an opportunity to invest into a new business project. These are challenges you have to face up to on a daily basis and which currently you might not be fully prepared to face. In this situation, the firm shoulder of a partner who can be relied upon in the stormy ocean of the market assumes exceptional importance. Look at it as a synchronous flight. It is not without reason that birds never start on a lengthy journey alone. 

Our Financial and Business Advisory Services department provides assistance and consulting to companies confronted with complex financial goals, faced with opportunities for growth such as merger or acquisition, investment decision making; critical challenges such as company or business segment reorganization, performance review, compliance analysis, business and asset valuation and many more. 

Key Items: 

  • Business valuation 
  • Asset valuation 
  • Due diligence 
  • Compilation of financial statements 
  • Financial planning and budgeting
  • Agreed-upon procedures
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