Forensic services

Baker Tilly Azerbaijan provides independent forensic services to businesses with exposures that include business disputes, investigations, asset tracing, embezzlement, and allegations of financial malfeasance. Disputes in today’s challenging business environment are complex as are the financial pressures felt by both individuals and management. The situation requires experienced, trained professionals in fraud and forensic accounting who look objectively at the situation and deliver insightful findings. 

Our extensive experience of the dispute management process, combined with our core forensic skills, assists parties to optimize their position in negotiated settlements and through to provision of expert witness. They work judiciously to help you mitigate the risks, costs, and effects of fraud, corruption, and other forensic matters. 

Our fraud and forensic accounting services include: 

  • Asset tracing 
  • Corporate and financial internal investigations 
  • Dispute Services 
  • Expert witness and litigation services
  • Investigations 
  • Fraud risk management and anti-fraud services 
  • Forensic accounting and data analytic services
  • Business interruption and other insurance claims 
  • Forensic computer technology services 
  • Damage calculations 
  • Accounting reconstructions 
  • Mediation and arbitration
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