Growth programme

'Profit improvement' is a key component in Baker Tilly Azerbaijan’s Growth Program, a structured approach that looks at the fundamental business criteria used by banks, venture capitalists and other financiers to assess proposals. 

We will explore with you key objectives and plans: 

  • Do your strategy and objectives reflect what you really want for your business? 
  • Do your plans anticipate the need for managing change? 
  • Do all the key decision makers want the same outcomes? 
  • How are you going to generate cash and accumulate funds? 
  • How do you manage the risks of driving the business? 
  • Is your team strong enough for today and will it be tomorrow? How will you monitor and manage your increasing wealth?

With you we will look at current and future products and services, roles and structure, your people and your market focus. We will help you establish progress indicators and an implementation process to generate and maintain momentum. We will assist you to refresh your business model, test key assumptions and seek opportunities for profit improvement through: 

  • Profit Improvement: Baker Tilly Azerbaijan's profit advisers can work with you to refine existing processes, make a detailed review of cash and profits in your business, improve operating efficiency, exploring ways to win more new business considering each component and its impact on the company's progress;
  • Strategic Development: Baker Tilly Azerbaijan`s strategic development advisers have the breadth and depth of experience to work with you to refresh and clarify your strategy, look for repositioning opportunities by adding value between products and services and by so doing ensure the alignment of your top management team. This is never more important than in the run-up to market flotation.; 
  • Risk Management: Baker Tilly Azerbaijan’s risk advisers can work with you to support your need for effective risk management in the strategic development of your organization.; 
  • Strategic Development of team: Our experienced business advisers will work with you, your management and key personnel to ensure that the thinking, activities and operating decisions are all aligned with the company’s objectives and strategic goals.; 
  • Wealth Tracker: Our team will help you to assess your current position, establish your priorities and establish a structured plan to control and develop the wealth you create. 

Most plans fail, not because they are not good, but because they are not fully implemented. We will coach you through this.

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