Restructuring and recovery

For a commercial enterprise, or any other type of organization, surviving financial difficulty is a careful step-by-step process best negotiated with the help of specialist accountants and recovery experts. 

Even where it looks as if all is lost, there's still a need for care and attention to preserve as much value as possible, to minimize the damage and mitigate against negative impact on stakeholders. 

Our expertise, experience and diplomacy are all key to helping organizations negotiate sensitive and difficult situations, advising on actions that will prevent further problems. 

Baker Tilly Azerbaijan's experts advise boards and other stakeholders on stabilizing crisis, turnaround strategy and planned restructure. Our turnaround and restructuring specialists can help you handle some of the tough decisions and negotiations. Our negotiation skills and experience in relationship management enable us to deal with all issues when handling the technical aspects of a liquidation or receivership.

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